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Featured: Spy Happy Lens

Featured: Spy Happy Lens

We love our goggles at PB, and for years Spy has been delivering some of the coolest optics on the planet. New for this season, Spy is featuring a lens story that is worth smiling about: HAPPY LENS. It’s your lens with benefits that you can actually feel the second you put them on.

See Better Superior color and contrast enhancement and distortion free arc lens

Feel Better Good rays in – bad rays out! Uplift in mood and alertness

Perform Better Relaxes eyes to reduce fatigue and easily distinguish changes in terrain

For 2015, you can find HAPPY LENS in the Spy Bravo, Doom, Platoon, and Marshall Goggles. You can shop them online (click here) or at any Potter Brothers location.

Here’s a little video to show you exactly how the Happy Lens works:

Here’s the Happy Lens in actions:

Get ready for your ultimate happiness!


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