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Fishkill, NY

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Fishkill, NY 12524
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Jiminy Peak

37 Corey Road
Jiminy Peak Mt. Resort
Hancock, MA 01237
(413) 738-5413

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Re-Opening Fall 2020

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Bromley Mountain

3984 Vermont Rt. 11
Bromley Mountain
Peru, VT 05152
(802) 824-5522

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10am-5pm Daily

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Killington Resort

4763 Killington Road
Showshed Lodge
Killington, VT 05751
(802) 315-0155

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Re-Opening Fall 2020

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Seasonal Rental Packages

The most affordable way to enjoy skiing or snowboarding. They’re great for kids who are constanty growing, adults who want to get out on the mountain for the most affordable price and anyone looking to try skiing or snowboarding for the first time. Keep your rentals all season and return them to us in April.

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Daily Rental Packages

If you’re looking to rent skis for single or multiple days, we offer daily rentals from our Kingston location. Daily Rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis and can often sell-out on busy holiday weekends. You can pick-up Daily Rentals on the night before or the morning of your ski trip.

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Test as many skis as you want for one full-day price. Swap out brands, models, size and have the time of your life. Once you find a pair that you absolutely love, you can buy that exact ski for less than the price of a new one.

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The 4 Best Candidates for Seasonal Rentals

The 4 Best Candidates for Seasonal Rentals

We get asked this question all the time; Should we rent or should we buy? Although we’d love to answer “Buy Now” for just about everyone, there are plenty of customers who are just a perfect fit for a Seasonal Rental package. Here’s a look at our 4 best candidates for Seasonal Rentals and why:

# 1 Kids
We all know that kids grow like weeds. What fits today, may not fit tomorrow and certainly won’t fit a year from now. Purchasing new equipment could cost over $300 and last about a season. Trying to upsize your kids is not a good idea because you want their equipment to fit properly, and not be oversized just to get another year out of them. So, unless you start with new equipment for your oldest child, and plan to pass down to your next oldest (and so on), Seasonal Rentals make a lot of sense and takes the worry out of outgrowing your gear.

At PB, we make sure everything is sized properly, and if your child’s growth spurt falls right in the middle of winter, we’ll exchange your rentals for the new proper size.

Now, if your child is skiing or riding at a high-level, races or is taking trips out west in search of back bowls and deep snow, you’d definitely like to look at purchasing new gear that is more suitable for their ability.

# 2 New Skiers & Snowboarders
So you’ve never been, but it’s caught your interest. Maybe you love the outdoors and you’re looking for a new activity to get you through the winter, or your friends participate and you’d like to join them. This is where Seasonal Rentals are perfect. When you feel likely to commit to skiing or snowboarding for the first time, start with Seasonal Rentals. This will eliminate the hassle of renting each time you go, holding up friends who already have their gear and give you a good solid starting point to work with. From there, booking a lesson is easy, you already have your equipment and you’re one step closer to feeling like a pro.

# 3 Daily Renters
Some people know in advance, “I’m only skiing 3-4 times this year”. That’s great, but what do you do if you don’t own your own equipment. Well, you can pick up Daily Rentals from your favorite ski shop, or directly at the mountain. The problem with that is, if your skiing on a busy weekend or holiday, you’re in line with everyone else who’s thinking the exact same thing, or (if you’re late) you run the risk of rentals selling out. This not only can minimize your time on-the-snow, but maximize your anxiety or frustration. Busy mornings at ski shops or ski areas can feel hectic at times, and although they all do their best to make the experience smooth, it can still feel like a drag.

Instead, having a Seasonal Rental is like having that Speed Pass for your favorite amusement park ride. While everyone else is standing in line, you’re getting right on the ride. Also, with Seasonal Rentals, if you know you’re going to ride 3 or more times, it’s probably more affordable to rent for the season. One more advantage of Seasonal Rentals; you can keep your gear until April, so you’ll be ready to go when that late-season storm hits again.

# 4 Anyone on a Budget
We’d never want you to choose to not participate in winter sports because you thought you couldn’t afford it. At PB, it’s been our mission to make skiing and snowboarding affordable, and we do that through cost-conscious programs such as Seasonal Rentals. You really don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy skiing or snowboarding. Finding early-season deals on Seasonal Rental Packages is key to locking in an affordable price to get outfitted with equipment.  From there, look for Swap Sales for discounted gear and and specials on Lift Tickets such as Flex Tickets and you’ll be having the most fun for your hard-earned money.

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