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Ray Grehl


Manager - Kingston

Years @ Potter Brothers: 29

Location: Kingston

About Ray

  • What's your setup this season?

    Blizzard Rustler 10, Dalbello Krytpton 110 Boots & Flylow

  • What's your favorite thing about skiing in the east?

    If you can ski here, you can ski anywhere.

  • Favorite Lodge to Chill in:

    The Powder Keg (Powder Mountain)

  • Best Chairlft Ride:

    9990 Lift at Park City (Canyons) cuz it's taking me to the goods!

  • How many days on snow last season:

    18, not nearly enough

  • Where is the best Apres scene:

    Doesn't matter where, as long as I'm with my friends that I love to ski and ride with.

  • Favorite Ski Area Parking Lot:

    Powder Mtn Utah!

  • Are you a morning person or night:

    Definitely NOT a morning person. Ask anybody!

  • Favorite Beverage:

    IPA. Preferably Small Batch VT or any Craft Brewed

  • Favorite Animal?

    Dog. Specifically Black Labs

  • Favorite Movie:

    A Clockwork Orange. Or...Up. Too close to call.

  • What's your favorite 80/90's Jam:


  • Music or No Music while skiing:

    Music when solo, no music when crewed up.

  • Favorite Ice Cream:

    Mint Chocolate Chip

  • What's the oldest thing in your Fridge:

    A tube of Roland Anchovy Paste

  • Favorite Summer Activity:

    Bicycling. Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Gravel Grinder, Long Distance Tour...You name it!

  • Biggest Pet Peeve:

    People who try to talk to me before I've had my morning coffee. You know who you are!

  • One thing left on your bucket list:

    Don't have a bucket list. I just add each ski or bike trip to my adventure body of work. So far, I'm doing all right!

  • Who would you most like to swap places with for a day:

    Iohan Gueorguiev

  • Finish this sentence. On Saturday night you can usually find me:

    Chillin' with a couple of porch beers and some charcuterie, with my bride.

  • If I didn't work in a ski shop, I'd be:



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