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Paul Fogel


Manager - Jiminy Peak

Years @ Potter Brothers: 10

Location: Jiminy Peak

About Paul

  • Skier / Rider:


  • What are you skiing on this season:

    Line Mr Pollard's Opus with Marker Dukes holding me in

  • How many days on snow last season:


  • Where was your best Powder Day last season:

    Jiminy Peak

  • If you could ski anywhere in the world:

    Jay Peak

  • Best tip for a new skier:

    Just Point em….haha seriously though…take a lesson

  • First person to take you skiing:

    Mom & Dad

  • Where was it:

    Mt Snow Vermont

  • Best Ski Lodge:

    Hendricks Lodge (Jiminy Peak's Summit Lodge)

  • After a day on the hill - to the bar or to the hot tub:

    The bar

  • Favorite non-winter hobbies:

    Camping, golfing, running, hiking, fishing and Cape Cod (yes a place can be a hobby)


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