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2018 Gear Guide: Skis | Snowboards
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Linsey Allen


Sales Associate

Years @ Potter Brothers: 2

Location: Kingston

About Linsey

  • Gear of Choice for 18/19:

    In love with my Armada Victa 83's and considering a pair of Head Super Joys because why have one pair when you can have a quiver full?

  • What's your favorite thing about skiing in the East:

    Knowing that if I can ski ice, I can ski anything

  • Favorite Lodge to chill in:

    Jiminy Peak for the pounders of Be Hoppy

  • Best Chairlift Ride:

    I like making new friends on the gondola at Belleayre

  • How many days on snow last season:


  • Do you stick with your friends on a powder day:

    No - find your own stashes! Then link up to trade secrets.

  • Where is the best Apres scene:

    I love hanging out at Overlook Lodge with the weekday regulars, but we don't apres until the lifts stop running.

  • Favorite Ski Area Parking Lot:

    The only one I've tailgated - Belleayre Overlook

  • Are you a morning person or night:


  • Favorite Beverage:


  • Favorite Animal:

    My dog, Monkey

  • Favorite Movie:

    The Goonies (Never Say Die!)

  • What's your favorite 80/90's Jam:

    The "singles" soundtrack I listened to on repeat (A side - flip tape - B side...) while playing NES Contra, Tetris or Super Mario Bros.

  • Best Jerry you've ever seen:

    The couple who walked into the lodge while still wearing their skis

  • Music or no music while skiing:

    I like to listen while I ride, but if I pause to talk to someone it's a guarantee I'll forget to press play at the top of the hill.

  • Favorite Ice Cream:

    Weis Brand (PA represent!) chocolate marshmellow.

  • What's the oldest thing in your Fridge:

    I just threw away a box of raisins that expired in 2014 at a house I've only lived in since 2016.

  • Favorite Summer Activity:

    Catching up with friends and family who don't ski or snowboard

  • Biggest Pet Peeve:

    Drivers who use the left lane for cruising instead of passing.

  • One thing left on your bucket list:

    Visiting the 13 States I haven't seen yet

  • Who would you most like to swap places with for a day:

    Neil deGrasse Tyson so I could understand Astrophysics

  • Finish this sentence. On Saturday night you can usually find me...

    At home with my boyfriend and his daughter eating everything in sight and watching "The Office"

  • If I didn't work in a ski shop I'd be:

    Working in a Patio Furniture Shop (ba dum tss)


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