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Frank Johnson


Manager - Bromley

Years @ Potter Brothers: 5

Location: Bromley

About Frank

  • What's are you skiing on this season:

    Volkl Kendo and Atomic G9 or X9 plus Atomic Hawx 120 Boots

  • What do you love most about skiing in the East:

    Love carving turns on Vermont's hardpack

  • Favorite Lodge:

    The Lodge at Bromley

  • Favorite Chairlift:

    Blue Ribbon Quad (Bromley)

  • How many days on swow last season:


  • Do you hang with your friends on a powder day:

    No friends on a powder day.

  • Best Apres Scene:

    Wild Boar or Perfect Wife

  • Favorite Ski Area Parking Lot:

    Bromley Parking Lot

  • Are you a morning person or a night person:

    Morning person

  • Favorite Beverage:

    Iced Coffee Mocha or Seltzer

  • Favorite Animal:


  • Favorite Movie:

    Animal House

  • Favorite 80/90's Jam:

    Grateful Dead Jams

  • Best Jerry of the Day:

    Ski boots on wrong feet in the lift line

  • Music while skiing:

    Yes, music definitely

  • Favorite Ice Cream:


  • Older thing in your Fridge:


  • Favorite Summer Activity:

    Disc Golf

  • Biggest Pet Peeve:


  • One thing still left on your bucket list:

    Skiing Canadian Rockies or Disc Golf in California

  • If you could swap places with anyone for a day:

    Paul McBeth

  • Finish this sentence: On Satruday Night you can usually find me:

    Front row at a Dark Star Orchestra Show

  • If I didn't work in a ski shop, I'd be:



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