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Adam Sowul


Snowboard Product Manager

Years @ Potter Brothers: 16

Location: Kingston

About Adam

  • What’s your setup this season?

    So much good stuff to choose from this year, I'm having trouble. Check back in October.

  • What’s your favorite thing about snowboarding in the East?

    The long history of charging hard in the most challenging conditions possible and the camaraderie that comes along with it. High fives and cold beers.

  • Favorite Lodge to Chill in:

    Powder Keg (Powder Mountain)

  • Best Chairlift Ride:

    They're all good.

  • How many days on snow last season:

    40ish? Maybe 50? My memory ain't so good.

  • Do you stick with your friend on a powder day:

    If they can hang!

  • Where is the best Apres scene:

    Wherever Paul Fogel and I are drinking.

  • Favorite Ski Area Parking Lot:

    Lot "D" at Belleayre on a week day.

  • Are you a morning person or night:


  • Favorite Beverage:

    Cold Beer, the less crafty the better.

  • Favorite Animal:


  • Favorite Movie:

    Hot Dog, the movie.

  • What's your favorite 80/90's Jam:

    Ice Cube - Wicked

  • Best Jerry of the Day you've ever seen:

    Respect to all who Send It.

  • Music or no music while riding:

    Usually Music.

  • Favorite Ice Cream:

    Stgewart's Fireworks

  • What's the oldest thing in your Fridge:

    Possible a Craft Beer I won't drink

  • Favorite Summer Activity:


  • Biggest Pet Peeve:

    People in the East that complain about the weather.

  • Who would you like to trade places with for a day:

    Eric Jackson

  • Finish this sentence. On Saturday Night, you can usually find me:

    Find me and find out.

  • If I didn't work in a Ski Shop I'd be:

    Trying to be a fishing guide or bumping lifts someplace awesome, or both.


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